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Oznaka:prEN 15273-2
Odbor:HZN/TO 528
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The gauges and processes included in this standard have been developed for application on mainline railway networks using various track gauges. Other networks such as urban and suburban may apply the gauging rules defined in this standard but are outside of its scope.
For a given defined gauge, the application of the rules contained in EN 15273-2, combined with corresponding parameters and reference profiles given in EN 15273-4, makes it possible to determine the maximum exterior dimensions of a vehicle (maximum vehicle construction gauge) compatible with infrastructure gauges obtained according to rules defined in EN 15273-3.
For absolute and comparative gauging, the application of the rules contained within EN 15273-2, combined with infrastructure data defined in EN 15273-3 in accordance with EN 15273-1 makes it possible to determine the dimensions of a vehicle.
EN 15273-2 is applicable to new vehicle designs, to modifications to existing vehicles and for checking existing vehicles to be used on another route or network.
This European standard contains:
— the rules for rolling stock for all defined gauges;
— the swept envelope calculation process used for defined dynamic gauges, absolute and comparative
— the list of documents required to assess vehicle conformity to this standard.
NOTE The rules given in this standard are not applicable to the gauges “S” and “T” referred to in clause (7) ; & (8) for track gauge 1520 mm of the merged TSI Loc and Pass ( Commission Regulation N° 1302/2014 of 18 November 2014).

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