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Oznaka:prEN ISO 717-2
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This part of ISO 717

defines single-number quantities for the impact sound insulation in buildings and of floors;

gives rules for determining these quantities from the results of measurements carried out in one-third-octave bands in accordance with ISO 10140-3 and ISO 140-7, and in octave bands in accord-ance with that option in ISO 140-7 for field measurements only; and

defines single-number quantities for the impact sound reduction of floor coverings and floating floors calculated from the results of measurements carried out in accordance with ISO 10140-3; and

defines a procedure for evaluating the weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level by floor coverings on lightweight floors.

The single-number quantities in accordance with this part of ISO 717 are intended for rating the impact sound insulation and for simplifying the formulation of acoustical requirements in building codes. An additional single-number evaluation in 1/10-dB-steps for the expression of uncertainty is indicated (except for spectrum adaptation terms).The required numerical values of the single-number quantities are specified according to varying needs.

The rating of results from measurements carried out over an enlarged frequency range is dealt with in Annex A.

A method for obtaining single-number quantities for bare heavy floors according to their performance in combination with floor coverings is described in Annex B.

An example of the calculation of a single-number quantity is given in Annex C.

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