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Oznaka:prEN 1999-1-4
Odbor:HZN/TO 548
Ime odbora:Konstrukcijski eurokodovi
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1.1 Scope of EN 1999-1-4
(1)P This document gives design requirements for cold-formed trapezoidal aluminium sheeting. It applies to cold-formed aluminium products made from hot rolled or cold rolled sheet or strip that have been cold-formed by such processes as cold-rolled forming or press-breaking.
NOTE 1 The rules in this part complement the rules in other parts of EN 1999-1.
NOTE 2 The execution of aluminium structures made of cold-formed structures for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications is covered in EN 1090-5.
(2) This document gives methods for stressed-skin design using aluminium sheeting as a structural diaphragm.
(3) This document does not apply to cold-formed aluminium profiles like C- and Z- profiles nor cold-formed and welded circular or rectangular hollow sections.
(4) This document gives methods for design by calculation and for design assisted by testing. The methods for the design by calculation apply only within stated ranges of material properties and geometrical properties for which sufficient experience and test evidence is available. These limitations do not apply to design by testing.
(5) This document does not cover load arrangement for loads during execution and maintenance.
1.2 Assumptions
(1) For the design of new structures, prEN 1999 (all parts) is intended to be used, for direct application, together with EN 1990, EN 1991, EN 1992, EN 1993, EN 1994, EN 1995, EN 1997 and EN 1998.
EN 1999 (all parts) is intended to be used in conjunction with:
- European Standards for construction products relevant for aluminium structures
- EN 1090-1: Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures – Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components
- EN 1090-5: Technical requirements for cold-formed structural aluminium elements and cold-formed structures for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications

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